As a young child I was sick often, and prayed to Jesus, and felt he was my friend.  But I didn’t fully comprehend the true meaning of sin, sacrifice, and repentance.

My Dad really enjoyed listening to John MacArthur tapes (yes, before streaming or even CD days!), and played them most Sunday afternoons.  So when I was 15, we were all listening to a tape (I can’t remember exactly which one, but I believe it was his gospel ‘The Preeminence of Christ’; Heb 1:2-3).  John MacArthur’s word outlined the gospel beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.  Suddenly, it all came together in a blinding moment, and that was when I truly realized and repented of my sinful state, threw myself under the redeeming blood of the cross and gave my life to Christ.  Rejoicing that I could now be in God’s presence.

My outward life direction didn’t change radically outwardly, but the big change was in my heart. So instead of merely walking the walk, I walked it with real conviction.