I used to think my testimony was boring, “I grew up in a Christian home and learned to love Jesus at a young age, done”. I was a little envious of people with “exciting” stories to tell, but I was wrong, because every testimony, every story of transformation from death to life IS an exciting one! 

I was fortunate to have bible-believing parents who directed me towards Christ as a kid, but I was still a very selfish sinner. I used to be so stubborn and proud of my own abilities and had even soured a few friendships because I was determined that I was right and they needed to conform to my ideas. While Christ had gripped my heart as a kid, showing me that he valued and cherished me, he stayed with me from then on, patiently reminding me again and again to show humility, to love, and to serve as He did. I am so grateful that he is still at work in my life, and it’s not that stubbornness, pride, and self-righteousness are completely absent from my life now, but they are no longer my habits! 

I think the biggest change in my life since Christ intercepted is not the fact that I sin, but it’s the conviction of my heart when I do, it’s how I respond to my self-centered thoughts and actions, and seek to have God-honouring thoughts and actions instead. God takes me as I am but doesn’t leave me that way, I am a work in progress, praise the Lord!